When you’re not a celebrity, you give yourself a grace period, or several of them during the year, when you can relax a bit and neglect your bikini body. Of course, we’re all less attentive when it comes to what we eat during winter holidays and our birthday, because you just can’t enjoy these dates without being sick due to the amount of food you ate at the end of the night, just wanting that last piece of cake.

Naturally, a period where you should transfer your focus from your diet to something a lot more important is around pregnancy; that is when the baby gets all the attention. However, there’s this superwoman who obviously managed to do both and not just after one childbirth, but two of them.

We all know Jessica Alba as one of the most beautiful people on Earth who is now devoted to her two daughters primarily – Honor and Haven. However, if we didn’t know about Jessica and her notoriously good looks and if she just happened to be on the beach taking in her daily dose of Vitamin D like a normal girl, no one could guess she gave birth to two children.

It’s hard to conclude whether she’s in a position of some kind of magical potion or she’s just this perfect. Whichever the case, her bikini body is a definite head turner and especially so after she gets a nice shade of bronze. Well, we can’t say how much work is necessary to get her bikini body, but you can get a gorgeous tan if you visit one of our seventy-five locations spread out across the West Coast.