This May we’ve got something your mom will love! Not just mom though – we’re celebrating all women, all month, whether you’re a mom or not, and we’ve got 2 special deals for all the ladies.

First, get 1 sunless spray tan, a $50 gift card, and 1 bottle of Designer Skin Visionary, for only $129 (while supplies last).

May Visionary Tan Republic

Whether you’re buying for your mom as a gift, for yourself as much-needed pampering (especially if you’ve got kids…of any age!), or for a female friend, save big on a tanning gift pack meant for discerning, confident, visionary women!

And then, we’ve got a deal that’s just as sweet, with your choice of a $10 Diamond or Sunless tan, or, a $20 tanning cocktail!

Ladies, whether you’re a mom or not, we love and appreciate you and want to spend this month celebrating! With sunshine, love, and luxurious tans for all women all during the month of May.

Celebrating women during May - Tan Republic