One would think that governing the US nation and having the White House as your personal residence is the American dream come true. However, this doesn’t apply to our dear former president, Barack Obama, who seems to have only started to live to the fullest.

The 56-year-old has been having a blast ever since his departure from the White House and it appears that the vacation mood is the only gear he is steering towards. Sure, we would love to live the same way, therefore, we applaud his multiple adventures.  

So far, Obama was spotted golfing in Palm Springs, California, and vacaying in the US Virgin Islands with his endearing wife, Michelle, as well as exchanging affections on the beach with the former first lady which is not even the beginning of Barack’s numerous adventures this year.

In February, he and Michelle signed a book deal, only to be seen next month attending a brunch with U2! Like this isn’t enough, he went on a Hawaii adventure, which was topped off by a playful day on a yacht in Tahiti. Then again, Milano, bicycle rides in Tuscany, playing golf in Scotland, hanging out with Prince Harry, and so on, can provide merely a hint into his stunning life.

Still, this recent adventure involves kitesurfing and competing like a pro with Richard Branson. It pretty much looks like the Vitamin D suits him right, because he is happier and more in shape than ever before. He even got time to respond to wedding invitations of complete strangers. We guess that his sunbathed body will fit the occasion.

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