Miami is very lucky to have summer throughout the year because, no matter the month, you can always see celebrities vacationing here. As a matter of fact, you would get so starstruck that you won’t know what hit you because the celebrity to “ordinary” people ratio is pretty balanced.

The latest star – and this one is a real head-turner – that popped up on this celebrity sanctuary is Iskra Lawrence. Chances are you know her just by her modeling career, but she’s far more than a model for American Eagle Outfitters. So, not only is she represented by two serious modeling companies – Models1 and JAG Models, but she’s also working for a great cause as an ambassador of the National Eating Disorders Association. If someone can help people realize that beauty comes in many different shapes, that’s definitely Iskra.

Which is quite obvious to anyone who would take a look at her Miami photo session. This English model looks terrific while casually walking down the beach in her navy blue two-piece and enjoying a healthy dose of Vitamin D. Her companion seems to be a friend, and they couldn’t be more relaxed while taking a nice cool dip.

Iskra’s curves are seriously gorgeous, but what makes them really mesmerizing is her tan. Well, considering the fact that your vacation isn’t coming anytime soon, there’s still a way to catch a nice shade of bronze – Tan Republic.

With over seventy-five locations on the West Coast, this chain of tanning salons will most definitely help you deal with your summer nostalgia.