Swaying hammocks, sun-kissed bodies, and salty hair – Julianne Hough’s and Brook Laich’s summer romance has it all. They’ve been married for only a month or two, and we’re already hungry for more. More honeymoon stories, more birthday suit shots, and more airport smooches from our newest, wildest celebrity obsession.

Basically, these newlyweds’ Instagram posts are what all of our dreams are made of. Before they finally departed at the LA International Airport with a hug and a kiss, the two travelled to Kenya to remake our favourite Out of Africa scenes. Still, nothing can beat their Seychelles honeymoon scrapbook, in which every next picture is steamier than the one we’ve seen before.

Julianne flaunting her gorgeous blue eyes and Brooks showing off his dashing physique, the couple spent some time on the beach relaxing and soaking up the vitamin D. The petite blonde celebrated her 29th birthday too, making the island escape even more festive and adventurous. Needless to say, Brooks took every chance to make us green with envy.

The first photo he shared made us jealous for Julianne’s toned legs and her 1950s bikini. The second made us desirous for her princess-like beauty and superhero abs. But, the third made us completely insane – captured from behind, Julianne enchants in the tropical “come with me” pose.

Of course, the NHL star isn’t so bad himself. It takes one glance at Julianne’s Instagram to see that her husband is a true catch, regardless of whether we are speaking of his husky muscles, his fashion sense, or his loving eyes. All things considered, it’s pretty obvious that we’re rooting for the Hough-Laich family with all our hearts.

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