The saying that women age like fine wine certainly does refer to Kaley Cuoco. We all know the innocent girl from the Big Bang Theory, but the fact is that the show is now entering season 11. Over the years, she has sure remained breathtaking whenever she shows up at the beach. We can also conclude that she sure loves that Vitamin D, as her skin looks absolutely flawless in all her pictures.

Kaley loves going to the beach with her friends and we can see here that she really enjoys the warm weather as she strolls around wearing a bikini that fits her body perfectly. It is clear that she loves training as much as she loves sunbathing.

But it’s not all just about relaxing in the sun for Kaley, as she seems to be a great surfer well. She looks amazing with this matching bikini and hat. Those legs definitely look firm and toned and it is certain that she doesn’t skip leg day at the gym.

It’s easy to see that there is more to Kaley than meets the eye. Her taking the time to do some yoga with her friend is a perfect example of how all of us should dedicate our time to working on both our minds and our bodies. This fun little exercise break is definitely one of the secrets that lets Kaley keep her body fit, but it’s also a testament to her determination. That being said, don’t be fooled into thinking that Yoga is easy.

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