Never underestimate the power of the Kardashian mom and family manager, Kris Jenner. Recently, Instagram has been exploding with pictures of the 61-year-old who is looking better than ever. Whether she is sipping a martini on a yacht near the coast of France or sunbathing on a yacht in Greece, Kris showed us that age doesn’t matter when having a good time is at the stake.

The mum of six superstars is currently on the world tour with a group of friends and Corey Gamble, her boyfriend. Let’s just say that Kris knows how to travel in style and as the travelling continues, so do the pictures to prove it.

Apart from a striking photo of her taking a nap worthy of a diva at the edge of a diving board, her daughter, Khloe, recently posted a picture in a striped white bikini showcasing her attributes. Khloe simply had to comment how hot she looks even after all these years. And, the truth is that we can only admire curves and a tan which perfectly suits her smooth, radiant skin.

Apparently, bathing in Vitamin D rays does wonders for her mood as well, because Jenner never seemed happier. But who wouldn’t enjoy themselves when vacationing around the world surrounded by luxury and new romances.

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