Mama bear Kardashian is not the only Kardashian family member currently on a romantic voyage. Kourtney and her baby boy and model, Younes Bendjima, flew off to Egypt over the weekend. The 38-year-old reality star was spotted soaking up the sunny Vitamin D rays and cooling off in the ocean with her boyfriend.   

However, that’s not all. This hot momma and her fun companions paid a visit to historic sites and Pyramids of Giza and then took off to the north coast Hacienda Bay and beaches. We can see on the pictures that Kourtney’s tan is impeccable and her skin is simply glowing. It looks like Kardashians keep on getting younger.

Or maybe it’s all because of young love? Whatever their secret might be, it’s official, she and Younes are in it for the long run. Though they claim it’s a casual thing, they can’t take a break from each other. Whenever we caught them in action, the couple appears to have the best time ever. The only thing we can’t confirm is who has better abs. Those who have been keeping up with Kourtney this year must have noticed her abs of steel and now she finally has a worthy rival.

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