After they a relaxing weekend on Barbados, tourists didn’t expect any surprises for the week to come. But, on Monday, a very familiar face could be seen at one of the most popular Caribbean beaches – Mark Wahlberg. It seems that Peter Berg, the director of Mile 22, a new movie starring Mark Wahlberg, has agreed that Mark needs few days off before he continues to shoot.

This 46 year old actor didn’t mind people taking photographs of him. He took a casual dive in the ocean, got out, and showed us his shirtless, spartan body. He wore floral printed swim shorts to sooth down that macho look of his – at least we guess so.

He wasn’t enjoying the Caribbean on his own. Mark was accompanied by his beloved wife, Rhea Durham and all of their four kids. They had a magnificent time on the beach, enjoying the warm Barbados sands and sunbathing. Mark and Rhea seemed to be careless about other people’s cameras and they didn’t restrain themselves from a few PDAs while in the water.

From what we could see, Mark Wahlberg likes to show off his physique. Maybe this is why the Wahlberg family Christmas card has him shirtless once again.If you don’t have the time to get to Barbados soon, but you could still appreciate some tanning. We invite you to visit any of our Tan Republic studios spread across the West Coast.  Our studios are equipped with the newest tanning technology; besides you will also be able to disconnect and relax.