Some celebrities just make us say “not fair”. No matter if you prefer boys or girls, you can’t really be indifferent to some specimens because they really don’t look human – it’s more likely that their origins go back to some kind of ancient divinity.

And, you always have a crush on people like these semi-gods, if you will. The worst thing is that not only do teenagers daydream about being married to a certain celebrity and write their names or initials everywhere – but, all of us do this as well. 

A great example of one of those jaw-dropping stars is Megan Fox, and seeing her in a bikini is a sight that makes us all a bit lightheaded. We all saw her on the red carpets and she looks absolutely amazing each and every time, but I believe that the bikini is her strong suite.

So, she’s usually caught by the paparazzi, walking all nonchalant, while enjoying her dose of Vitamin D on beaches worldwide, like there’s nothing special to see. Not only that she always has a gorgeous tan, but her bikini body is an immediate head-turner.

Well, I’m sure that Megan works really hard to get those abs, but her genes obviously help. So, all of us who idolize this shining star should spend some serious time in the gym. However, getting her tan is a bit simpler. Therefore, check out one of the seventy-five Tan Republic salons and get your shade of bronze right away. And, when it comes to rest, we’ll all need to invest more effort.