The Oscar nominee, Michael Fassbender, decided to relax in the warm Spanish sun. He has been spotted on a Yacht with Alicia Vikander. They have been in an on and off relationship ever since 2014. However, during the 2016 Venice Film Festival, they showed up for the first time together on the red carpet. Let’s take a look at a couple of photos of the two having a fun time.

We can see the couple is preparing for scuba diving. Michael Fassbender sure does look good. It is clear though, the actor wants to soak up that Vitamin D. Actually, both of them look stunning. Alicia Vikander is currently working on Tomb Raider reboot set to be published in 2018. Clearly, we can expect her to be the perfect Lara Croft on the screen.

Is she an experienced diver? She looks like she sure knows what she is doing. The red colored bikini looks good on her. Unlike Michael Fassbender, she is much more tanned and Michael will definitely have to spend more time in the sun!

The actor is in great shape; just look at those biceps. He will certainly look good in the upcoming 2018 X-Men. He is certainly going to get a better tan if he stays in the sun a bit longer.

A lot of smiles in this photo. It is clear that the whole crew is having a lot of fun relaxing in Formentera, Spain. It must be scorching hot, as Alicia is holding that cold bottle of water tight!

Like Michael, you should make sure to go out on a holiday to catch all that nice sunshine. But, if you are busy, you can always stop by at one of our places and get the tan you deserve. In only a matter of minutes, you can look as tanned as Alicia Vikander, which is, in one word – awesome.