A new year is a chance for a fresh start, and a blank slate for you to make your beautiful mark on the world! We’re here to help you look and feel your absolute best along the journey, with an incredibly low setup fee of just $20.19 on any Bronze Without Borders tanning membership.

Make this the year you take care of YOU, first. To pursue your own happiness, your own health, your own deep level of bronze.

Tanning has a powerful energizing effect, especially in the winter months, regardless of where you live in Tan Republic’s 4 western states. The sun’s rays, if you’re lucky enough to feel them on a daily basis, are just not strong enough during the winter to make an impact on your vitamin D levels, or your level of relaxation. And you definitely won’t be getting any tan lines!

But we’ve got you covered, with sunshine all year round, for a quick relaxing mini-vacation that will leave you feeling re-energized and ready to take on those goals of #WorldDomination.

And with the gorgeous, lasting color you’ll get from our combination of European bed technology and luxury lotions, or our top of the line sunless spray tanning booths, you’ll be turning heads and making an impact on everyone you encounter – the perfect accessory for your daily hustle!

Oh, and no matter where you are from Northern Washington all the way to Vegas, there’s probably a Tan Republic location near you. With a Bronze Without Borders tanning membership you’ll have access to tan at any location, plus so much more:

Bronze Without Borders Member Benefits

  • Discounted monthly dues
  • 1/2 off upgrades
  • 1/2 off Spray tans
  • Member only specials
  • 1/2 off lotion at sign up*
  • Can tan at any location at anytime
  • And of course we treat you like a VIP, or what we like to call a VIT – Very Important Tanner!

We’re here to be a sunny escape from the grind, whenever and wherever you need us. This is your year, your time, your moment to become your best and most perfectly tanned self!

New Year New Tan New You 2019 - Tan Republic