“From the streets of Tokyo to the beaches of Turks” – that’s how Olivia Munn rolls. The gorgeous A-lister spent her birthday vacation on the Caribbean island of Turks & Caicos, capturing her adventure and sharing it on Instagram for the whole world to see. And, we don’t know about you, but we must say we loved what we saw.

Joined by nine of her girlfriends, Olivia basked in the shallow waters, soaked up the vitamin D, scuba-dived, and threw the steamiest pool party there ever was. But, none of that came as a surprise to us. Our favourite celebrities have gotten us used to luxurious villas and voluptuous bashes, so the thing we were really excited about was that The Geek Goddess was, in fact, celebrating her 37th birthday!

Yes, you heard it right. The hazel-eyed stunner has been looking twentysomething for years now, but this late discovery has truly swept us from our feet. And, once you take a glimpse at her tasting a watermelon on a dock, all summery and relaxed, you’ll be just as shocked. The olive one-piece is pure perfection, but how about that cleavage?

Recently, Olivia Munn shared a number of tips on staying young-looking throughout the thirties, thus confirming what we already knew – regular exercise and proper skincare are the ultimate fountain of youth. And, judging by all those celebrities who’ve managed to age gracefully, it seems that a bit of fun doesn’t hurt either.

Though not all of us can enjoy the same luxurious treatment as most Hollywood stars do, we can certainly take care of our freckles and blemishes. Since experts say too much sun is not always a good idea, a bit of safe tanning at one of Tan Republic’s many locations will certainly do the trick.