There are so many things that celebrities do differently, and when I say “differently”, I usually refer to “with more money”. It’s very difficult not to be envious of their lifestyle and jealous of their choice of partners, but there are moments when they look surprisingly ordinary – for example, when they spend time with their families.

Hilary Duff, who we have all known for a very long time because of her career that started very early, has been spotted in Hawaii with her adorable five-year-old, Luca. Where better to spend some quality mother-son time during summer than on the gorgeous Hawaiian beach?

Well, it looks like these two really had a lot of beach fun because Hilary just couldn’t get the smile off her face. And, she couldn’t look more fabulous wearing a black and white one piece while showing off her amazing summer body and enjoying her dose of Vitamin D.

This twenty-nine-year-old adores spending time with her family and she usually manages to do so without being spotted. However, we all enjoy seeing her in the role of a mother, so it’s nice that she was finally caught.

Other than not being able to stop staring at Hilary’s fit body, I’m sure you also noticed her bronze tan – something like this just must catch your eye. Well, if you’re way too swamped with the non-celebrity lifestyle, like having nine to five work hours, you should check out one of the seventy-five Tan Republic locations which are on the West Coast and get a nice bronze layer yourself.