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I went to Tan Republic for the first time tonight, and had a really good experience…I felt like I didn’t have to spend a ton of money, and I thought the packages were reasonably priced. Recommend.

The girls are really nice, the beds really nice, and the salon is clean. They are genuinely nice to me and happy to see me! (I know I’m happy to see them too when I’m ready to get some sunshine). I’m very happy with my membership and wouldn’t go anywhere else 🙂
I love that they are open as late as they are during the week. I also love that it is clean and I generally dont have to wait long, if i even have to wait at all. I like the beds as well as they have the option of turning off several features ie fan, face exposure, etc.
Hello, my name is Verena, and I just moved to Hillsboro 2 weeks ago all the way from Indiana. I happen to go tanning today for the first time since we moved here and walked into the closest tanning place I could find. This is when I met Lena, she was the person who greated me and explained the different beds/levels to me. She was so so sweet and gave me all the information I needed. I have been living in Indiana for 18 years and I always thought that “Hoosiers” were the friendliest people I have ever met……..until I moved to Portland/Hillsboro and got to meet people like Lena! She is simply amazing. Thank you all for great customer service and a great vitamin D experience!
I just want to say that I enjoy tanning year round. Your facility and staff are knowledgeable and always very friendly and polite. Being fair skinned by nature, if I don’t tan in your beds I find that I burn so easy that I can’t enjoy our great out doors. I love the relaxing time and part of that is due to the clean friendly atmosphere. Thanks for being the best place to tan and relax.
I love the salon here! I’ve been to a few others, and the customer service is never quite as good as what I’ve gotten in Albany. They answer all your questions and make sure that you feel comfortable and relaxed.
I just wanted to say that the young lady working Thursday night was extremely polite, professional, and totally put a smile on my face. Keep up the great work with your excellent employees. I NEVER write anything like this but she just reallymade me smile after a rough day and I just had to say something!
The Prineville store is always clean and the employees are very pleasant and helpful. Love that there are no appointments and I can just ‘drop in’.
I would like to share my experience at my Tan Republic in Vancouver,Wa., Fishers Landing. It was wonderful!!! It was so refreshing to go to a salon and be treated with sincere kindness! I was having a bit of a bad day – getting lost on the way – as I just moved to Washington. When I finally got there I was greeted by a very sweet young lady who showed me around explained everything , and was so patient and kind. Her name is Taylor. Soon after, the night gal came in and also engaged in pleasant conversation and on my third visit it was another girl who was also very sweet and accomodating! I’ve been in the bar business for 20 years and have seen my share of rude! The girls at Vancouver,Wa obviously like their jobs as well as their boss,Jessica,who also sent me a pleasant e-mail when I contacted her. The salon was clean and neat and smelled great! I’ve made this salon mine and will continue to go there! Keep up the awesome work and outstanding customer service!!!!
Working about 70 hours a week I don’t get enough time outside to get any color, so I stopped by and am happy with the sexy long lost tan I’ve missed since moving to Oregon. The ladies are helpful, and each one very professional. I no longer feel like a Vampire, and I suppose if I were the tanning bed would have killed me anyway :). Thank you, great service, friendly staff.
Here is why I love Redmond TR. I was brand new to tanning this spring but wanted to give it a try. The gal that signed me up gave me all the info (and then some) about how to start slow and build up. I have to say, I have a great tan and LOVE tanning, it’s a great way to just take a break and relax. It’s like taking a hot bath without getting wet! All the girls here are really nice and accomodating. I love this salon!

I had a party to go do and the awesome associate told me what she would do and I was the perfect shade of glow! I appreciate never having to wait ( I don’t think i have ever sat more than 5 mins) and everyone who works there is so nice!

I like this Tan Republic for a few reasons…convenience,courteous staff, newer spray tan beds, have some good deals…The place is super clean and staff are always happy to see you and will remember your name. I also enjoy that they have several locations around the area.
Friendly staff, not pushy about what they’re selling, and…the beds are worth it. Got a month package to work on my base tan before burning in Thailand, and the beds deliver–seems like they do a pretty good job replacing bulbs so every tan is useful:)
My review of the Downtown Salem Franchise is a favorable one. I had very pleasant interactions with each everyone of the service representatives.. I asked questions and received informed replies. I did have a little confusion when it came to the different levels of beds and the expected differences between the pricing and performance. I was a little inconvenienced when the new Mystic Tanning booth was being installed. I liked the convenience of the location. The girls were very safety conscious. The premise was always clean and quite. I will consider returning. I would however enjoy a returning customer pricing promotion savings. Thank you for this opportunity to receive an upgrade in return for a review of my location. Looking forward to having a bronze glow when it’s time to say ..HO- HO HO..
I love Tan Republic. I’ve been going to the Cedar Hills Crossing location for over a couple of months. I’ve never had to wait long to get in. The staff are all very friendly and helpful. My color is beautiful and natural looking. Pricing is great. Always a very clean and professional atmosphere. A most comfortable atmosphere and experience always. Thank you Tan Republic
Awesome customer service. I never feel pressured to buy anything and that in turn makes me want to come in more. (: Thank you
Amazing staff. Great location. Clean beds. Couldn’t be happier with the Hollywood location!
On Friday night I came in to tan and had an excellent conversation with a gentlemen at the counter. He told me all about all of the tanning lotions & helped me choose the right one for the results I was trying to achieve. The lotion we decided on was perfect! Every time I tan at Tan Republic I feel like a valued customer, the girls are all very nice and super informative. I have tanned at quite a few salons in Eugene and I have to say that this one makes me feel more at home than any other, by far my favourite place to go for some quick r&r 🙂
I really enjoy coming to the Lebanon TR the staff is always friendly and answer any questions you may have with a positive attitude so you don’t feel silly for asking. Love the radios you have there also.
I really like the Tan Republic in Wood burn , the girls are all very nice and the beds are always clean , bulbs work properly and the salon is in a great location.
I love the girls that work here! I have been going for about a month and don’t plan on stopping soon. The deal and prices are awesome. 5 stars!
I had never been a fan of tanning…I felt claustrophobic..but thanks to the girls at Lebanon tan republic and their patience I am now kind of hooked on the “chaise lounge” bed the girls got me to try it and it’s awesome a 20min restful experience. The girls are always very helpful and right there with suggestions and help.
Clean store, well maintained equipment, I’ve never seen a bed with a bad bulb or even one that flickered. Add to that friendly staff, no appointments, they are open late and I’ve never had to wait once! Who can ask for more?
The Tan Republic on Sandy Blvd is awesome. Great location. Lots of parking, convenient hours and the staff that works there is awesome. Always friendly and they always makes you feel good when you arrive and when you leave. Highly recommend! Two “TAN” thumbs up. 🙂
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