One of our favorite American sweethearts, singer Selena Gomez was spotted soaking up the sun in Mexico right before New Year’s Eve. The young celebrity decided to take a break from her hectic schedule and arrived in Cabo with some of her closest girlfriends to celebrate the holiday.

What stroke her fans the most is that someone was missing from the picture – yeah, you guessed it – her boyfriend Justin Bieber didn’t accompany her on this girlfriends-only trip. Everyone instantly started wondering if the young couple has split, but worry not, that’s not the case, as they just decided on having separate vacations. While Selena was spending some quality time with her girls, Bieber was spotted playing hockey in Canada.

2017 was certainly a fruitful year for the young singer, as she was named Billboard’s 2017 “Woman of the year”, but consequently a very busy one. That’s why she decided to hop on a private jet Wednesday afternoon and head to her own private villa with a breathtaking view.

Selena and her besties hit the beach where the paparazzi spotted her soaking up some vitamin D wearing a simple but classy and not too revealing one piece swimsuit from Topshop and rocking a newly dyed hairdo, after a brief period of being blonde. The girls made some cool pics for Instagram, although they were not posted on Selena’s profile.

We are sure the singer had a blast laying on the beaches of sunny Mexico, and we would love some of that too! However, if you’re still saving money for your Cabo vacation, you can at least prepare for it by having an amazing tan! Just visit some of the Tan Republic locations and have your own little vacation!