Great discounts for companies looking to boost employee morale

It’s been well documented that happy employees are effective employees.

It’s also been scientifically shown that tanning increases vitamin D production in the skin, provides relaxation and an endorphin boost, and adds considerably to a person’s self confidence!

We have put together a very affordable Corporate Tanning Program which will allow your company to provide your staff with a gift that has long term rewards.

Companies with 10+ employees who purchase 10+ packages at one time:

  • Get an additional 25% off our published specials
  • Get $75 off Bronze Without Borders membership ($25 initiation) and 1/2 off a bottle of lotion

The ROI from employee confidence and energy is significant, and the cost to join our program is tailored to meet your needs and budget.

Contact a Tan Republic corporate sales representative today or call the salon location nearest to your business.