Being cold and wet used to be an accepted reality of spray tanning. But PURA thought, why?

So the PURA warm air comfort pass did away with that. By having it move at all times during the experience, the PURA provides increased comfort over other spray units.

Plus, the PURA air handling system ensures the heat stays with you during dry passes, and a customized computer system allows you to choose from over 600 different variations of prep, coloring, and post-moisturizing for a look that is individually tailored to your body’s unique needs.

Stand and deliver: Simple Body Positions Make All The Difference.

There’s no sense in making you bend over backwards to get the tan you want. That’s why the Pura Sunless experience delivers optimum coverage with optimum comfort. The enhanced design of our spray application and air handling systems allows for a forward and rear facing position, reducing movement by 50%.

And with our easy-to-understand foot location indicators and voice prompts, the hardest thing you’ll have to do is decide how tan you want to be.

We can talk about speed and warmth as part of the tanning process, but unless the tan actually LOOKS better than everything else, none of those other things matter. That’s why we’re so proud of our Trinity Mist System.

Designed to deliver uncompromising solution onto the body, it features three spray heads that are strategically placed to do just that. Not only do the spray heads not interrupt each other, they also facilitate better atomization and delivery onto the body. Plus, the comfort drying air is also placed and aimed to perfectly complement the entire process and avoid tan-ruining things like vortices and irregular air-flow patterns.

Meticulously designed to deliver the optimum end result, the PURA system features a four-tank solution capacity that holds PH Prep, DHA Clear, DHA Bronze and Moisture all in one place. This design empowers you to always be in control of your end result because you’re clearly able to choose a solution, or combination of solutions, based on your personal preferences.

The perfect tan. Just like clockwork.

Let’s cut to the chase: Pura Sunless has tanning down to a science. Literally. By designing each step to deliver the optimum amount of solution at just the right time, we’re able to get you in and out of the booth in less than five minutes. We’re talking full prep, tan and dry. (Yes, really.)

Much like the cogs in a watch, one turning the next in ultimate precision, the Pura Sunless four-step system operates like nothing else in the market today. Prep and moist typically absorb into the skin quickly, and the PURA also individually adjusts the timing on the Clear and Bronze steps to allow for better absorption as well as customized color delivery based on your specific preferences.

When it’s done, you walk out knowing you’re going to look your best in no time.


Tan Republic proudly features the Pura Sunless Spray Tanning Booth at our North Beaverton Peterkort and Hillsboro tanning salons.