After months of testing, Tan Republic has announced today that it will begin offering Sunning for Pets at select locations across it’s territory in 5 western states.

“Animals love sunshine as much as people do, and they get immediate benefits from it in similar ways” explained the company’s new VP of Animal Services, Chad Laerton. “As pets are integral members of everyone’s family, it just makes sense that we now offer our customers a way to bring their furry best friend with them on their mini-vacation at our world-class tanning facilities.”

The new Sunning for Pets program at Tan Republic starts April 1st

The new Sunning for Pets program at Tan Republic starts April 1

But Mr. Laerton was quick to point out that non-furry pets will also be included, as the new sunning booths are able to accommodate many types of animals commonly kept as pets besides dogs and cats, including lizards, snakes, turtles, and even fish.

While the company name is Tan Republic, Laerton admitted that after considerable internal debate, the service for pets would be called only sunning or sunbathing, in order to avoid any potential misunderstanding in advertising related to the word ‘tanning’ and furry animals.

The new Sunning for Pets program at Tan Republic starts April 1stThe pet sunning sessions will correspond with their human’s tanning session, allowing for maximum efficiency and an easy, streamlined process for customers.

The new pet sunbeds are mobile within the store, so they can be easily moved to the correct room, in order to ensure that the customer’s best friend will be comfortably by their side for the duration of the session.

While most pet owners have seen their animals sun themselves on a cold morning, few realize that this behavior goes far beyond merely warmth.

Animal health is impacted by vitamin D as well, and many animals, from lizards to dogs, obtain the necessary stimulus of the vitamin D hormone in the same way that people do – through exposure to sunlight (or UV rays from sunbeds) on their skin.

Some animals such as chameleons are able to determine precisely how much sunlight they need at any given time with scientific precision.

The new Sunning for Pets program at Tan Republic starts April 1st

Want your pet goldfish to be as fabulous as you are? Take it sunning.

In order to facilitate this higher level of reasoning, the company’s pet sunbeds also provide a shady corner, where the animal can go to curl up away from the warm UV rays once it has had enough of the sun.

Sensors in the bed are able to see when the animal has left the sunny area, thereby turning the bulbs off to save energy. Since animals seem to be much more in tune with nature than even the smartest humans, this allows the whole process to remain highly eco-friendly as well!

The sunbeds are safe and effective for all pets, from tiny chameleons and rats, to larger ferrets and hedgehogs, and of course dogs, cats, and even potbellied pigs.

In the interest of safety, though, only one animal species is allowed in the sunbed at a time. It’s even possible to bring your pet goldfish (you must provide your own bowl or clear bag), as studies have shown that fish who sunbathe are healthier, stronger, and grow faster.

And while birds are known to love sunning themselves too, at this time no feathered animals are allowed. Tests are in the works for a future addition which will be able to offer birds the best of the sun’s warming rays on demand.

Larger pets, including llamas, harbor seals, and ALL TYPES of bears, are unable to be accommodated at this time.

llamas harbor seals and bears are not allowed at Tan Republic's sunbathing for pets program

Examples of larger furry friends which are excluded from the Sunning for Pets program (for now).