The summer is here, meaning that we get to see all those celebrity tropical adventures and their perfectly tanned bikini bodies in the water.

Although the season began recently, for a majority of stars, summer vacations last all year long. They are always up and ready to show off their amazing curves, so let’s take look at the top celebrity bikini moments in 2017.   

 The hottest FBI agent really knows how to stir the waters of Miami Beach. Priyanka Chopra definitely proved that beauty and talent go hand in hand, as she looks like a superstar even on her private holiday.  

Many have tried to keep up with Kourtney Kardashian, but this year, she is taking all magazine covers with her stunning body. The mother of three has never looked better and, whether that has to do with her new boyfriend or not, a swarm of loyal fans support Kourtney’s transition.

When talking about the Kardashian sisters, we can’t forget to mention Kylie Jenner and her tanned figure. This gorgeous baby sister really loves a healthy dose of Vitamin D, as she doesn’t miss to post the joys of sun rays all over Instagram.

While talking about the best celebrity bikini bodies list – can you feel some Britney vibes? This pop sensation is happier than ever, but most importantly, her abs are out of this world! Apparently, the summer suits her, as she can’t stop smiling while preparing to take on the world with international shows this summer.

The rest of the summer is just beginning and only a few blessed ones will be able to afford a trip abroad. However, there is a simple solution to have a celebrity tan throughout the year without breaking the bank. Visit some of the Tan Republic locations to get the glow you deserve.